Women Helping Women


There is nothing I love more than seeing women build other women up. I have worked in Corporate America for years, prior to my own venture into being a solopreneur, and rarely did women support each other as they climbed the corporate ladder. I never quite understood that attitude and was often viewed as “odd” for being supportive. It’s one of the more unfortunate situations to be in and I find that women who are working as their own boss, tend to lend a lot more support to other women who are working hard at being a success on their own.

Recently I have learned that Serena Williams is now producing a show that is supportive of women entrepreneurs. Although it is going to make her a lot of money, I love that she is purposely using her fame to help other women who may not have had access to resources in their area. It is also a great way to showcase the ingenuity that women possess, something often rarely noticed and painfully overlooked. Women make excellent entrepreneurs and it is time that we pay attention to all that we can do!

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