Women Entrepreneurs Breaking Ground

There is nothing I like more than seeing strong women taking the reigns and making a business for themselves. The “frosting on the cake” is when they do it with a genius idea!

Troll Cakes are the latest in baked goods that can sweeten the darker side of the internet. While trolls often know no bounds, as a woman I have seen some of the worst things said to a woman online. Mostly because it’s just so darned easy to forget you are talking to a live human being that has emotions. And it’s easier to hide behind your own computer screen and say ugly things. So Troll Cakes has set about to combat it by helping you send your troll a cake baked with love….with the awful comments they made to you.

If you know where your troll lives, you can easily have the bakery send it. If you do not, the folks at the bakery will take their time to look for your troll. This lends a little bit of a creepy feel to it, but I think in this case it’s justified. And according to their site, they don’t take all cases. Which means they have some guidelines in place so that someone is not being tormented in the process.

One of the funnier aspects is that you can pay to have a cake sent to the White House for about $30 with your favorite troll tweet from the President. While I remain neutral about politics around here, I have to say that if the President is behaving in a trollish way online, he should receive a cake!

Ladies! Let’s keep up the good work at finding new niches and ways to provide for our families. We are a hot commodity in the business world and as I like to say on Twitter, #womenentrepreneursgetitdone !


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