June Call For Submissions


I made an arbitrary decision to change the weekly call for submission to monthly. Because of my editorial schedule, I can only post here twice a week. When one is an automatic call for submission, that means I only get one post a week to talk about writing and women entrepreneurs. There is a lot to share and discuss so it just became necessary to change the calls to a less often occurrence. Never fear! They are not going to disappear altogether any time soon. So let’s get to the nitty gritty, shall we?

Hermeneutic Chaos Press – Hermeneutic Chaos Press offers a unique opportunity by calling for submissions for a chapbook. If you are unfamiliar with a chapbook, it’s a handbound pamphlet that features tracts, ballads, and poems which were once sold by peddlers. HCP follows the tradition by accepting poetry and prose that cover over 15-30 pages. This is not an anthology they are putting together, you are submitting a manuscript for print on it’s own with no other authors. It’s a truly unique way to get your work printed! The summer reading period ends July 1 and the Winter reading period is from Dec 1 – Feb 1. If your work is accepted, you will receive 15 author copies of your chapbook and the chance to order more at cost.


Third Street Writers –  submissions of 900 words (or less) are being accepted until Aug 4, 2017. The theme is Beach Reads. You can tackle this theme through poetry, prose, creative fiction, non-fiction, and essay. If you submit poetry, you can turn in up to three at one time! There are some specific text requirements on the call so read carefully. It does look like you will be charged a $5 fee per submission (with the exception of 3 poems).


Soul-Lit – Soul Lit has an open call for spiritual poetry. This is not a place for prosletyzing or devotional type work. This is about bearing your soul and your connection with the Divine in a poetic fashion. This is a fantastic opportunity for folks who want to dip their toes into submitting their work. Read the call carefully as they have font specifications for submissions.


Letters to My Ex –  Denise Mills is putting together an anthology of letters to your ex. This is for all who identify as women. This is your chance to write the letter to your ex that you have always wanted to write! Her specifications are pretty easy. She wants to feel your emotion and feel like you are sharing a story. You don’t have to get incredibly specific about the relationship as long as she can feel a connection to your story. It is important to note that you must be able to have your name in print, no anonymous letters are being accepted at this time. Word count is 1200-3500 words and the due date is June 30, 2017.

Good luck with your submissions! If you hear about any calls that you want to share with the world, email me and send me a link to the call.

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