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I am hoping to one day add “author” to my name and presence online. As a young girl, I was big on reading and I especially loved horror books. Unfortunately, I never did read a lot of women authors at that time since it’s been a struggle for women to break into the horror genre (of just about any medium!). But I didn’t just read horror, there were other things. And some of them were women who had a profound effect on me. I wanted to share with you some women authors that I think are an inspiration to everyone who takes some time and open themselves up to their experience.

Maya Angelou – It’s impossible to not include Maya Angelou on any list featuring inspirational women! But no matter who you are, and no matter what stage of life you are in, if you haven’t read her yet then you need to start immediately. “Still I Rise” is one that I cannot help but tear up and feel immense pride in being a woman!

Judy Blume – I cannot thank this woman enough for her treasure trove of books that helped me get through my pre-teen years. I really started reading her in about the 4th grade and loved her sense of humor. At the same time, I quickly fell in love with her authenticness about the trials and tribulations of young kids. I had a hard time believing this was an adult speaking so candidly! Coming from a household in which menstrual cycles were “dirty”, “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret” was something I could never….ever……forget.

Mary Shelley – While she is technically not a horror author, her work on Frankenstein is simply incredible. Many people consider this work to be more in the science fiction genre. However, I consider it horror because of the horrifying nature (and portrayal) of our human race. Both as creators of “monsters” and destroyers of our creations. Beyond this one piece of work, she did write other works that were either casual or into the science fiction genre. Personally, I feel the need to read “The Last Man” since I have somehow missed that one!

Lauren Devora – Lauren is a dear friend of mine who also has no idea I am including her on this list! But I have a reason for including her. She has released her first book, a work that took her 10 years, and has done exceptionally well at marketing it on her own. She may not have won major awards (yet) and she may not be making millions (yet) but for those of us who are aspiring authors, she is truly an inspiration that we can achieve our similar dreams. And keep an eye out next week when I share an interview I have done with her! As far as what she wrote, she has contributed her brilliant mind and storytelling to the Vampire genre. Being the horror enthusiast, of course, this would please me.



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