Why You Should Hire a Content Creator

When I tell people that I write for a living, most people assume I am an author. I am working on some e-Books but I am not published yet. No, I create content for blogs, online magazines, newsletters, and Facebook ads. My job is to write compelling articles to get traffic flow to your website. Sometimes I have to create compelling articles about topics that aren’t always the most compelling. When I explain this, people look at me dumbfounded and then I get the inevitable question, “Why?”

Why I write for websites and businesses is because I really love to write. I have been blogging on and off for over 15 years. I know how to use keywords and share my work with others to get them reading and talking about various subjects. I know how to write for the internet. There was a time when I was an accountant and I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it but it didn’t fuel my soul the way writing does. I would blog in the evenings and get that happy feeling inside. Now I do this for a living and I love every moment of it.

Why people hire me can be the simplest to answer. Most people fall into two categories when it comes to content creation for their own business. People who can’t write to the habits of the internet or people who don’t want to. If people can’t write in a way that is specifically targeted to the reader on the internet, they can lose business and lose credibility. People who don’t want to will put it off and not entice the reader to stay on site and look at more.

My job is to create engagement and share information. I have to create articles that people want to share with their friends and continue to visit your site. I have to teach them why you are a viable business they should support. I lend you credibility. And the glorious thing about it is you just have to post it after you approve it.

Many people wonder if I have a special niche that I write in. The reality is, I can write about plenty of niches. SEO, medical, speech pathology, health and wellness, science, writing, blog creating, DIY projects, home decor, and work from home are some of the topics I have been covering for the past year.

If you have a business and wonder if you need to really worry about a blog, the answer is yes! If you want to create a newsletter but don’t feel you have the time, you need someone like me. It’s an expense that will be well worth your time!

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