Meet Your New Virtual Assistant – Hello Alice!

I have been checking out Hello Alice, an online artificial intelligence virtual assistant. You can sign up for free and give them information about your business. When you need help with something, it goes through it’s curated information about you and looks for resources available for you and your needs. It’s similar to a Google search but it weeds out what you don’t need based on your business. So let’s say you need a business plan and you are a financial planner. All the business plan resources will be tailored to a financial planner and not someone who is offering holistic services. If you need to find an event that fits your work sector, Hello Alice can do that for you.

I have found that finding resources online can be a headache, even with Google algorithms allegedly helping your searches. Since I do quite a bit of research for work, my algorithms are sort of all over the place. So when I seek out resources for my business, I end up getting a lot of tech information. I have only had this account a week and play with on a daily basis. I will let you all know how to goes. As for right now, I kind of like it. I am just waiting to see how much of a benefit it really is for me.

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