Gifts For the Writer In Your Life


Writers love gifts that are whimsical and all about what they do. Many writers often feel like people don’t “get” their passion, so a good gift will help you win points with your scholarly loved one.  After perusing Etsy for a few minutes, I quickly discovered some of the best gifts to give!


This mug features the one thing most writers gripe about……grammar! Priced at a humble $14.95, you are surely able to afford this gift and fill it with your writers’ favorite hot beverage. This writer would certainly be happy to get this as a winter gift with plenty of hot chocolate to fill it with.


This wooden door sign is a fantastic way to acknowledge the hard work your writer puts into their craft. And they can let you know when they are hard at work and need some peace and quiet. At $11.52, currently, who can say no to this whimsical gift?


A print that keeps the motivation alive! All writers experience “writer’s block”. Sometimes we just don’t have the energy to sit and write that day. A little motivation goes a long way and they will thank you for it. Modestly priced at just over $5.


You may not understand it, but writers thrive on being able to put words to paper. Even when we aren’t writing a book or writing for a paycheck, we journal. We pour out our devotions into small journals or little files on the laptop. We have a bad day and we pour scream inwardly as we write it out. We have a great day and we shout it out in ink. Priced at $14, this is a gift that will make your writer smile!

Even for the writer who doesn’t want the whimsical, never discount the power of fresh pens and new journals. We really love those little things that we can use in our everyday writing.

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