Ebook Marketing: What Are My Options?


With the rise of self-publishing through e-Books, it’s no wonder we are seeing marketing companies rise up and offer their services to the average person. While Amazon has made e-Books easy on their site, there is still some marketing that takes place. Often the author is left to their own devices as far as getting the word out while hoping that someone stumbles upon it in Amazon. I know of a couple of people that this has worked well for. Mostly due to the fact that they drummed up a lot of excitement for their book long before it was released. If there isn’t excitement prior to the release, it’s not going to work well at all. That’s where a marketing service can be of a big benefit. I took some time and chose three publishers to highlight as to what they offer. Of course your experience will vary with whomever you have worked with in the past or choose to work with in the future. If something about the offer doesn’t feel like a good fit, do not engage! But if it feels like it will fit for you, go for it!



Whizbuzz touts itself as a very affordable option for those that want to really propel their e-Book to new heights. At $50 for one year of promotion, it certainly sounds like something any author could afford. Their method of marketing is cross-promotional. Daily postings on their Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook feeds top the list and they can reach up to 500,000 folks between both pages. The book and listing remains on their site indefinitely and they use SEO techniques to each book page to make searching for it that much easier from any search engine. Additionally, they havae a store on Amazon and will include your book listing there for the year. This is regardless of whether or not you ever listed your book on Amazon.


Books and the Bear

Books and the Bear really intrigued me when I first read about them. They offer a social media program for just $10. On one day, they will share about your book across their social media platforms of choice and reach over 200,000 folks. That doesn’t sound all that good to me because it’s just one day of promoton. Fortunately, they have several packages. They have publicity packages starting at $50. The options are broken down by day, week, or month. I opted for month and it is currently on sale for $200. With that you get 30 days of social media blasts, book cover blasts, and 4 newsletter advertisments. While it still only reaches 200,000 or more, it does over a far better cross-promotional option and could very well be worth your time. What I really got excited about what the Blog Tour promotion. For $500 you would do 30 “blog tours” (meaning interviews with bloggers who will post about your book) with 30 of their 120 bloggers on file. Included was their 30 days of social media blasting and 4 newsletter adverts. While Whizbuzz may only reach 200,000 people, those 30 bloggers will broaden that horizon quickly. I have to say that bloggers reviewing your book is a huge golden ticket as far as I am concerned!


Publishing Green

Publishing Green stands apart from these two as they are really connected with some readers. They focus on helping you get noticed on Amazon or to improve your noticeability on Goodreads (if you are clueless as to what Goodreads is, head over there now and start your profile!). Beyond that, you can have pay to have reviewers read your book and leave their opinions. Reviews are a valuable tool for the author! What about a book trailer? They are the latest trend in book marketing and they offer that service as well. Really, Publishing Green stands out as they focus less on the social media and focus more on the market place where books are sold. It certainly doesn’t make them better, just a different tool to utilize.

In marketing, we sometimes use more than one technique to win over readership and make money. Set your budget and be realistic about what you can truly afford. Don’t be afraid to try something that sounds a little outside of the box. The internet is so vast, it’s hard to get noticed. And your goal is to get noticed. So shoot for the stars!


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